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Cure For Shin Splints

Shin Splints is a commonly used term to describe lower leg pain. Shin splints are best described as an overuse injury and are most often caused by excessive running or jumping on hard surfaces such as concrete or a gym floor. Shin splints are often suffered by begginer runners who may try to run too much, too soon. There is no quick cure for shin splints and the best cure for shin splints is prevention.

You may be wondering how you get shin splints? Well, shin splints are a reasonably common injury among runners, netball players, basketball players or any other atheletes that have repetitive jarring impact on the legs. Although shin splints is often used as a coverall term for lower leg pain the term actually more specifically refers to Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS). MTSS is a condition that affects the tendons, bones and muscles in the lower leg.

There are two bones located in the lower leg and these are the tibia and the fibula. The fibula is situated on the outside of the lower leg while the tibia is on the inside. These bones are surrounded by muscles and tendons which can pull on the bones when overworked which causes the pain that is associated with shin splints. This overworking is caused by muscle fatigue from overuse. When running on a hard surface the foot is constantly hitting a hard surface, the muscles in the lower leg work hard to hold the foot ankle and lower leg stable. In doing this your muscles suffer a lot of trauma which can result in your muscle partially tearing away from the bone. When this happens there really is no quick cure for shin splints. Although the best cure is to prevent shin splints, there are a number of shin splint treatments you can use.

One form of treatment, the ice pack.