Cure For Shin Splints
How Do You Get Shin Splints?

How Do You Get Shin Splints?

Shin splints are caused as a result of repetitive hard trauma to the lower leg. The symptoms of anterior shin splints are pain to the outer side of the front of the leg below the knee. This is the most common type of shin splints. Shin splints are not the only cause of pain to this region but they are the most common. The area affected by the pain of shin splints is generally about 10-15cm (4-6inches).

Signs Of Shin Splints

The first signs of shin splints is a dull ache in the lower leg and often occurs at the start of a workout. The pain may then lessen, but it can be dangerous to continue the workout after the first pain is felt because with overuse the pain can become extreme. The pain may be at its worst the morning after a workout and a dull pain can remain for differing lengths of time (the longer this pain lasts, the longer recovery will take). There is also often swelling.

Another sign of shin splints are lumps and bumps that you can feel if you run your hand down the inside of your shin bone. There can also be pain when you bend your foot downwards. Redness on the inside of the shin is a possible sign of shin splints but this is not always present. Posterior shin splints symptoms cause pain located behind the bone in the soft tissue.